Must-haves for your Birth/Postpartum Experience

December 30, 2019

Clothes for baby? Check.
Car seat? Check.

Should I bring diapers and extra pads? What about postpartum underwear? What else do I actually need to bring? These thoughts are all so  common.

This is something that a lot of people struggle with while packing their hospital bags and I get it! I way over packed when I was getting ready for the hospital with my first. It can be overwhelming to pack everything that you think you may need in the hospital during and after birth. I won’t go over the basics of toiletries and the more obvious things that you’ll need in this post, but here are a few items that I personally think are must-haves for your birth/postpartum experience in a hospital. 


An outfit to labour in: The hospital has gowns that you can wear but they are stiff, uncomfortable, and everyone has worn it. Insert Gracefully Birthed outfits here! We have birthing top/skirt combos, as well as a gown option (that is also great for postpartum use!). They are BEAUTIFUL, comfortable and practical enough to not interfere with any potential IV lines or monitors.

Lip balm: Hospitals are dry and all the mouth breathing is hard on the lips. The small cost of chapstick (which most of us have laying around our house anyways) is worth the comfort it brings.

Healthy Snacks: Birth takes energy! Having something light and healthy to snack on throughout labour can give you a jolt of energy that you need (this applies to partners too!)

Underwear for post baby: The hospital doesn’t give out mesh panties anymore, so skip the tripled sized up Walmart underwear that end up fitting weird. Our Maternity/postpartum high waisted underwear are stretchy, cute and fit all the right places. No more worrying that your pad is slipping out of place, we got your back (end).

Water bottle/cup with a straw and lid: Hydration is always important, and in labour it’s no different. Having something to drink out of that is easy for your partner or doula to offer you sips from in between contractions is ideal.

Ps. Don't forget slippers - seriously those floors are cold.

Paige & Kaylee
Gracefully Birthed

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