• Printable birth affirmation cards

    - These are little reminders and affirmations to get you through one of the most challenging yet rewarding days of your life.
    - 14 Cards in all with various general sayings to help you through birth, including: I am strong, Let go of fear, Each wave brings baby closer, etc.
    - Print these out on cardstock paper and hang them in your birth space, or print them half size (included), have them laminated and add them to your birth bag.
    *The cards are simple, beautiful, easy to read, and you can print them at home without using up all your printer ink!
    - Doulas, these are a great tool for you to keep in your doula bag!

    This purchase includes:
    14 JPEG files in a compressed/zip folder. The folder will need to be extracted from the file, once it is downloaded.

    Printout size: Each file is a standard paper size - 8.5"X11"