Our Story

My name is Chelsea and I am the owner and designer of Gracefully Birthed. I'm also a mother of four, birth Doula, photographer, and seamstress by trade.

Helping women through pregnancy and birth have been passions of mine since I started having kids. Unfortunately, back then, birth wasn't as openly talked about. Even now, I find that talking about the realities of birth tends to be faux pas among the general public, unless you're a birth enthusiast like me. 

My first three births took place in the hospital. While I did end up with the natural deliveries I was hoping for, I felt frumpy, uncomfortable, and institutionalized; not at all like a woman experiencing one of the most important days of her life. I had no idea I had options beyond what I was told by my healthcare providers.

My last birth was a planned home water birth, and it was the first birth where I felt I had the voice to make my own decisions. Everything was organized, and I had all my supplies ready, but I was still unsure about what I was going to wear in the water. Seeing as I was having this birth professionally photographed, I wanted to have all of my bits covered so that I would one day be able to share the photos with friends, family and my children. Out of this need/dilemma, using my skills as a seamstress I designed my original two-piece birthing outfit.


I wore the simple, yet innovative birthing top and skirt during my birth and it was magical! It felt like a second skin and even my midwife loved it! I was confident and comfortable throughout the entire process as my “intimate areas” remained covered and ALL my photos were shareable.


I strongly believe that all labouring women deserve to feel free from the restricting, uncomfortable clothing we've been expected to wear while giving birth. So naturally, after having such a beautiful birth experience with my fourth, I decided to delve into a new venture and Gracefully Birthed - Birth and Postpartum Wear was born!


Although it's been a challenge as any start-up business is bound to be, I'm very excited about the potential these designs could have on the "birthing world"!

With many original, unique items added to the product lineup and new designs constantly being created, I'm ready to spread the word that labour and postpartum can look just as beautiful and be just as comfortable as any other day in the life!  Every woman deserves to birth gracefully!

XO Chelsea Bootsman - Gracefully Birthed Owner/Designer