Our Story

Our mission is to help women feel more beautiful, confident, comfortable and empowered during the family-growing stage of life, by creating useful, innovative and adaptable garments/products.

Our names are Kaylee and Paige. Together we are just two friends, business partners, and mothers who understand that there is a gap of functional, as well as beautiful options for people in the maternity-postpartum years. Separately from each other, Kaylee is a doula and birth photographer who understands the needs of the birth space and Paige is an award-winning newborn photographer who has the eye and talent for all things pretty.

All of our designs are original and are created by a mother, doula, birth photographer, newborn photographer and seamstress.

Whether you are just beginning your childbearing years, or are raising your family, we have something for everyone.

- Paige & Kaylee